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Hi here's us again,

we've been thinking on how to deal with plastic waste, yes we did. We do not want to keep polluting our environment. We want to be part of the solution, not the problem. Will you join us?

Details on sources see below.

We started with our daily commute and decided not to go by Starbucks anymore, but make our own coffee or tea and take it with us.

So we decided we needed a thermo bottle, cup or tumbler to be able to keep our drink warm, or in summer potentially we would like to take a cold drink or just water with us. It needed to fit well in our bag and car or public transport. It had to be conformable to drink from during commute.

So we dived in, cause we think we should all limit plastic use we share our findings, this is what we came up with.

Our number #1

We do not have it in our shop but you can safely buy via clicking on the picture.

Why this is our number one:

  • Isolation, both cold and hot even the next day. You can easily prepare your drink the night before!
  • Quick shipping
  • Fair price
  • Approved by marines
  • Great mouth lid and BPA free
  • Strong and durable, our commute can be bumpy
  • US technology and 100% satisfaction guarantee, lifetime replacement guarantee.

Our other look at our other great finds below. Be welcome to use our BlackFridayBestFriend extra 10% discount coupon, use code: BFBF10 at checkout for products below! Valid until December 5 2019.                                                         

The fancy-Luxurious Classic one:

Perfect gift
  • 6 hour isolation enough for most use
  • Now with free Spoon and Shipping





    The Double Eco-one

    280ML Double-wall Insulation Wheat Fiber Straw Coffee Cup Travel Mug
    • Made from eco-plastic from harvest waste
    • Also very wallet friendly
    • Fully circular
    • You set the example! 





    The Fits for all one

    • For commute, outdoor, office
    • 2 sizes, 5 colors
    • Strong 304 stainless Steel
    • Certified
    • Nice price





    Click on the pictures for more details or if you want to order! 


    Sources on plastic pollution:

    picture on platic pollution in water:

    Graph on plastic production from:

    Other sources:


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