Cupping against Cellulite

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CUPPING treatment against Cellulite

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*Results vary depending on how you use it and how often*

Do not overdo, be gentle and patient, big red markers are not needed.


These silicone cups use Western technology (Silicone) with Eastern tradition (Cupping) in an incredible efficient massage tool. Fully natural (no power needed), it allows you to use it at home when it suits you 24/7 and at your own pace, applying the famous "skin pinch and roll technique" from the Physiotherapist or the beauty therapist. Bear in mind that the "skin pinch and roll" technique is the only efficient technique recognized by professionals to fight cellulite.

Clinical study over 6 weeks on 67 persons revealed that: 

  • 85% of users say they noticed a reduction in the appearance of their cellulite
  • 82% of users say they noticed a reduction in thigh circumference
  • 72% of users say they see a slimming effect
  • 86% of users say they noticed a reduction of the ‘orange peel’ skin
  • 86% of users recommended the product to a friend 


Here's how to use it:

First start by applying massage oil, or soap and water during your shower, then press the air from your cup and place it on the area to be treated. The pinching of the skin occurs immediately after you release your cup. Let the under-pressure do its work, little is already sufficient.

With its mechanical action, it helps the lipolysis (degradation of fat cells in the body) and remove the 'orange-peel' effect from your skin. This technique is non-invasive and safe. It is adaptive whatever the type of cellulite: fat, aqueous, mixed or fibrous. The cups are unbreakable, portable, you can take them with you anywhere.


3 to 4 weekly sessions for about 8 minutes per area.

So, good to do at home instead of going to a therapist 4 times a week for 8 minutes

How does it work?

As you probably know cellulite leads to the formation of clusters of adipocytes. As long as these groups remain grouped together, it will be impossible to eliminate them. With the cup massage and its reproduction of the skin pinch and roll technique, you will deconstruct these clusters. As the massages continue, these clusters of adipocytes will reduce. The fat cells will be released and therefore used by your body. The excess fat is converted into energy: this is the lipolysis (breakdown of fat). Furthermore, the adipocytes don't compress the blood and lymph vessels like regular massage, it makes blood, oxygen ... all flow better. Your skin will recover its elasticity!

You are a woman, and you will remain so ... We advise you to regularly perform your massages to maintain the results. Indeed, even if you continue your efforts with diet and exercise, you cannot affect your hormonal changes.

Last summer we saw Cupping also being used by the Olympic athletes.

As always, when in doubt, seek advice from a medical professional!

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Study on how Dry cupping therapy decreases cellulite for women

Good luck with your Cupping! And not to forget:

 WE have several CUPPING offers now AT very reduced prices….FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!

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