Transparent High Grade Silicone Cupping (Moving) Massage Cups, 7 pcs Therapy Set

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Our advice: Super set for active massage. We use this one ourselves too.
Due to thick silicon body these handle very well for active massages like for Anti Cellulite and Fascia therapy.
Material Characteristics
- High-quality food grade silicone
- Transparent
- Soft, Smooth, elastic and practical
- Simple and convenient to operate
- Long lifetime, e.g. resists: acids, high temperature, sun light
- Easy to clean
- Eases muscle soreness
- Get's your natural healing fluids to the spot
- Clears deeper skin layers from waste
- Supports weight loss, beauty
- Relieve fatigue, improve sleep
- Improves health and comfort
Instructions for use:
Passive Spot suction or Surface massage:
Put on the cup for Spot suction on a soar or to be relaxed spot, squeeze down the top of the cup to remove air, then let go while fixed on the skin. You can play with volume of air by pressing less or more. Do not do too much, let time do the work.
- Leave for 10-15 minutes then remove the cup
Active moving surface massage Method:
- Select larger part of your body and evenly put massage or lubricating on it
- Squeeze down the top of the cup to remove air.
- Do not squeeze too much, then it is hard and/or painful to move
- Start moving the cup slowly, think of giving a loving/zen-full massage
For removing pull of the silicone tank slowly, by gently putting your finger under it by pushing skin down and letting air in to release suction.
Similar for Fascia therapy to loosen skin on e.g. back.
Package Includes:
- 7 pcs Silicone Cups (Multi Size S, M, L)
- Manual

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