10Pcs 20Pcs Orange Car Snow Anti Skid Chain Ty(re)-Raps

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Easy Rapid install TyreRap style Car snow chain.
Very suitable for short use. Very quick to install and remove. Real timesaver! No time to freeze your fingers ;-)
Depending on snow iciness 5-10 TyreRaps per tyre is sufficient.
Also suitable when you need additional traction in: mud, sand, up hill 
  • Safe & Raliable
  • Rapid on & Rapid removal
  • Re-use
  • Usable on: Snow/Ice, Mud, Sand, Up-hill
  • No corrosion
  • Universal fit
  • Small package, easy to take with you
  • Save time
  • Cheap
Material: High Quality Nylon 
Color: Orange
Length: 35.5 Inch (90 cm)
Can be used for between 6.6 - 12 inch (175-295 mm) width tire size. Advice: measure length around your tire like in pictures, see if it's below 35.5 Inch. Should fit most regular cars, e.g. not trucks and busses.
Generall usage advice: when snow -chain are installed, so also these Ty(re)Rap Snow chain, the driving speed is not more than 25 mph (40 km / hour). When there's no snow, always remove your snow chain. 

10 x Car anti-skid chains,  buy for 1 wheel
20 x Car anti-skid chains,  buy for 2 wheel is normal car
2 x 20 x Car anti-skid chains  2 x 2 wheel normal car, or 4 wheel drive, or for extra safety

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