Compact RFID Protection Card Holder Wallet

  • $18.95
  • Save $16

Why would you choose RFID blocking wallet?
With the growing risk of RFID identity theft today and with the transition to more and more credit and debit cards with embedded RFID chips; now is the time to act and convert your old leather wallet for a newer RFID blocking one! Skimmers are getting smarter and smarter and their equipment cheaper.
When you're shopping locally or at holidays, this RFID protection wallet protection secures your bank, credit and other RFID-chipped cards.

Keep your ID guarded and protected!
This Wallet:

  1. will store 15 Cards & will hold your coins
  2. opens wide to give you a good view to easy find the right card
  3. is is made from genuine leather
  4. is very compact in your pocket
  5. protects your ID and cards from skimming criminals
  6. protects you from uninvited commercials

RFID is not going away anymore. More and more cards have RFID chips on them, more and more scanners are used to interact with them. Criminals use special Skimming devices. RFID uses radio waves to identify people and objects carrying the encoded chips. This can be credit card information, passport identification or other forms of ID as well as access cards etc.

Protect your cards and ID!

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