Latest model 4th Gen Low temperature 3D Draw USB Charging Pen

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Elevate your imagination and your kids'. Enhance eye-hand coordination. Boost your creativity.
Give your creativity a 3rd dimension. Challenge your kids visual thinking. Get them away from screens.
Buy a good brand from a good shop.
Choose variant you want: Low or High temperature.
Low temperature only works with PCL filament, very much suited for kids.
High temperature filaments work better for 3D.
Some of the exiting features:
  • USB Power cable: Support for charging via mobile power banks, computers, home/phone sockets.
  • Display: You can always view and adjust the temperature.
  • Simple Control: Will suit even non-professionals, simple and convenient.
  • 3 modes for speed adjustment: With one hand to complete the adjustment.
  • Free Pen base included: High temperature resistant, stable performance base to keep your desk clean.
  • Nib of low temp variant: Nib temperature is as low as 10-14 °, one can draw directly on his hand, it will not cause burns.
  • Brushed Aluminum: Modern surface like iPhone look, extremely smooth and attractive.
3D Pen Base Package:
  • 1x Quality Latest 3D Pen Small modern Phone style Design
  • 1x Power Adapter ( AU/US/UK/EU, will be matched to destination country)
  • 1x USB cable
  • 4 x Silk Color filament Free 1.75mm ABS Filaments (Color Random)
  • 1x English User Manual

Variant choices:

  • First 4 choices: Choose one of 4 colors High Temp Pen
  • 2nd 4 choices: Choose one of 4 colors Low Temp Pen (white tip)
  • 3rd 4 choices:Choose one of 4 colors High Temp Pen with 100m ABS filament
  • 4rd 4 choices:Choose one of 4 colors High Temp Pen with 100m PCL filament
  • 200 meter (220 yard) ABS Filament (high temp)
  • 150 meter (164 yard) PCL Filament (low temp)

Power adapter will be matched to your home location

For additional 'ink' for high temp varaint we advice PLA filament which is made from natural ingredients. Healthier to work with for you and your kids and better for our planet.

Get yourself on track with endless creative possibilities, with the 3D Pen! Bring your drawings to the another dimension.

We will send newsletter with great creative ideas to give you a kickstart. If you want ofcourse.

Don't buy too cheap crappy ones. Buy a good brand from a good shop. Like ours! 😉

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