Magic Cone, Best Car Windshield Ice Scraper and Snow Removal Tool Around

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Be ready for winter(sports), buy this smartest Snow & Ice removal tool.

Smartest thing around now with FREE Fast Shipping. 

Round shape fits better on convex Car windows.

Demo Video: No commercial, just picked up from YouTube from enthusiastic users.

 Demo video Snow Cone


100% High Quality USA Design. 


  1. Use top Scraper surface to loosen hard frozen ice.
  2. Use bottom Big Cone surface for Snow and softer or loosened Ice. The all around big cone guarantees fast scraping action, it's really efficient. Clearing windows is way faster than traditional ice scraper.
  3. It has an easy grip even with gloves, for easy use even with thick package of snow.
  4. You can separate top from bottom, bottom also works also as a funnel to add e.g. motor oil or windshield wiper fluid.
  5. Advantage: Lesser need for use of chemicals


Material: Quality ABS
Size: 1.4 x 3.9 x 5.5 inch (3,5 x 10 x 14 cm) 
Choose from 4 Colors: Red, Blue, Black, Green 

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